Submit a New Article


The Artfield is published bi-annually. All articles are published in English. Submissions must be original works not previously published or awaiting publication elsewhere. Accepted articles are placed in the production queue and published in order of acceptance.

The average Artfield article is roughly 3000-6000 words and should have 10-15 images. Publication of articles exceeding this limited will be subject to an ad hoc agreement with the editors. In addition to full-length articles, The Artfield also publishes Research Notes (600-1,500 words and 1-5 images focused on research in progress or on a single object); Artist Portfolios (1000-2000 words and 5-10 images spotlighting a single artist’s work); Artist Interviews (2000-4000 words and 5-10 images); Photo Essays (10-20 images with either a short intro and explanatory captions or a single text of 1000-3000 words); Collections (3000-5000 words and 15-25 images describing the history and holdings of a museum collection of African art, written by the collection’s curator); Exhibition Previews (2000-4000 words and 15-25 images describing an upcoming or touring exhibition, written by the exhibition curator or some other person).


Please submit your manuscript as a single Word file containing text and images plus captions via the following e-mail addresses: (, Papers should be in MS Word. For review purposes, to keep the file from becoming too unwieldy, please insert all of your images as low-resolution files at the end of your Word document, with the caption beneath each image. When your paper is accepted, you will be required to submit your illustrations in high res with a corresponding list or guide.


All manuscripts should contain the following information:

  1. Cover page, including title and author’s name exactly as it should appear in the byline; author affiliation (if applicable); author email address; author bio (one to three sentences of profession-related information and preferred email address); and any comments or background information about the submission.
  2. Main text, with all the references to your illustrations as call-outs (i.e., Fig. 1, Figs. 3-4, etc.); all illustrations must be mentioned to in the text.
  3. References cited should be entered according to the Chicago Manual (the author-date reference format). List only those works cited in the main text, notes, and captions. Do not abbreviate titles or publisher names. We prefer anglicized spellings of major cities, e.g. Ivory Coast, not Cote d’Ivoire, etc. Avoid including peripheral information in end notes, where end note is necessary.


We insist on high-resolution digital images. We accept .tif, .jpg, or .pdf files, minimum 300 dpi for an image that will be printed at approximately 6″ x 9″, in CMYK color. If the image is to be published at a larger size, it will require a higher dpi. Name the file “YOURNAME Fig. 1” etc. Avoid long, descriptive file names. Images can be sent via email. If you are sending hardcopies for any reason, do not send do NOT send your only copy of any image. All photo-credits should be included in the submissions. Note that it is not the journal’s responsibility to obtain copyright permissions for authors. All copyright issues should be sorted out by contributors before sending their articles for possible publication, both for original images and those borrowed from other publications.